Here are the stories …


Here are the stories actually running in the Brooklyn Park Sun Post and other ECM publications this week:

There are also a LOT more little pieces about people who went on the trip and soldiers from our areas who fought at Gettysburg. Be sure to check your local ECM paper for them.


One thought on “Here are the stories …

  1. Siva Jonnada

    Thank you for writing these articles. I was at the cemetery when the Minnesota delegation were at the First Minnesota gravesite. It was very moving. I was also among those who were at the Angle during the 150th of Pickett’s Charge. The day’s activities reminded me of the sacrifices made by such people as the First Minnesota regiment. (I live in New Jersey, so Gettysburg is a 3-hour drive for me, but I can perfectly understand the draw to be there and see more! Hopefully, you get a chance to see it once again, preferrably when things are calmer!)


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